Associated Terminals

Associated Loads Cape-Sized Vessel

Associated Terminals used five floating cranes to load the M/V Cape America, a Capesize vessel measuring 886 feet long and 141 feet wide. The cranes transferred 106,000 tons of coal from 77 barges in a barge-to-ship operation, which was completed in 72 hours.

Capesize vessels are cargo ships that were originally too large to transit the Suez Canal. Larger than Panamax class, these ships take their names from the fact that to transit the oceans they were required to pass either the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn at the southern tip of Africa or in Tierra del Fuego in South America, respectively.

Associated Loads Cape-Sized VesselThe term “Capesize” is most commonly used to describe dry bulk carriers rather than tankers carrying liquid products. A standard Capesize bulker is 175,000 dead weight tons, though some ships have been constructed to handle tonnage as high as 400,000 DWT.

The large dimensions and deep drafts of such vessels require that their cargoes be transferred at deep-water terminals. Associated Terminals' midstream locations on the Mississippi River can accommodate Capesize vessels year-round.

The five cranes used on this project were the Glenn S., Kristin J, Russell Knight,
Danny B and Anita T.