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Assets & Facilities

Simply put, we offer cargo shippers superior locations, services, equipment and highly qualified personnel.

Our locations and facilities include the Port of St. Bernard/Chalmette Slip, the Port of South Louisiana/Globalplex, St. James Parish, the Port Manchac Intermodal Terminal, the Port of Baton Rouge/Port Allen, New Orleans Bulk Terminal located on the Michoud Canal, and the Myrtle Grove Midstream Terminal. These facilities represent the total commitment we have made to provide our customers with the most dynamic logistical solutions and cargo handling in our industry.


From our deep draft berthing locations to our diverse range of cargo handling options, our 900,000 square feet of covered warehousing space and much more – we have the resources to handle our customers’ unique needs safely and efficiently.


Please feel free to contact us for more information on any of our locations, facilities or services.
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