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FOCUS 12 Initiative

Through the Focus 12 initiative, Associated Terminals reminds all of its team of the importance of their personal safety while performing any task. It is with this focus that greater milestones can be achieved. This focus and commitment to safety and overall performance is not only restricted to the 12 hours at work, but also to decisions made while off the job site.

As part of this commitment, each team member has pledged:

  • That Safety is a condition of employment.
  • To perform each and every task as safely as possible, planning all jobs and considering all hazards prior to acting.
  • To take the time to work safely no matter how long the job takes to complete.
  • To eliminate all hazards that can be controlled and report to supervision those that cannot be personally address.
  • To STOP all work that is not understood or felt to be unsafe to perform until the team member is  comfortable to complete the job.
  • To confront co-workers who are not performing safely.
  • To be responsible for personal safety.
  • To place individual safety and the personal safety of others before production and operational needs.
  • To pay attention to and incorporate all training in to daily activities.
  • To be a Safety Leader in every area of the job.
  • To press supervision for solutions related to unsafe conditions.
  • To work safely, everyday, second by second, hour by hour, task by task, giving a safe and productive 12 hours.


Employee safety does not end once the work day is over. Through the Other 12 campaign, Associated reminds employees of the importance of incorporating personal safety in to the at home lives. Utilizing reminders related to key times of the year such as the beginning of school, hunting season and holiday periods, Associated provides reminders of personal safety topics through the year while also focusing on human interest stories related to our team members and their families.

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