Meet Reece Wilson—also known as the “best Brit in the barge industry.” We would like to take the time to highlight Reece for his recent achievements, as he was just appointed to the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Valley Trade & Transport Council

Reece’s current title is General Manager at Associated Terminals Pangaea Logistics. Associated Terminals Pangaea Logistics is a joint venture between Associated Terminals and Pangaea Logistics Solutions, a dry bulk shipping and logistics company that both owns and operates up to 60 dry bulk vessels daily, delivering a wide array of cargos across the globe. His role entails a wide range of responsibilities, from overseeing day-to-day company operations, managing personnel, coordination logistics, to ensuring safety and compliance and maintaining financial health in the business unit.  

“I love that my work involves many aspects, “says Reece, “every day is different and presents new challenges.”  

A typical day at work for Reece includes his “ever-growing list of proactive improvements” for his ongoing operations. This ranges from reviewing staffing models, equipment allocation, to reviewing operational and financial reports.  

Due to his esteemed work ethic, reputation, and experience, Reece has been nominated to the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Valley Trade & Transport Council. This council, located in the heart of Lower Mississippi, represents a broad spectrum of river users and transportation entities. 

Reece is excited for the “opportunity to make a positive impact on the maritime industry in the Gulf region, network and collaborate with influential industry-leading professionals, and advocate for our industry interests.”  

Reece is well equipped for this leadership role as he has developed skills regarding strategic thinking, economic management, stakeholder relations, problem-solving, communication, and industry-specific knowledge throughout his journey at Associated Terminals. These skills and experiences will be highly transferable and beneficial when serving on the Board of Directors for the Mississippi Valley Trade & Transport Council, where Reece plans to contribute strongly and enthusiastically to the council’s success and, hopefully, help to positively shape the future of the maritime industry in the gulf region. 

Part of what makes Reece such a standout candidate is his journey in the industry, as he has proved to be hard working, adventurous, and admirable. Reece was born in and lived in London, England until he was 18 years old. At the age of 18, he had taken off to the United States on a soccer scholarship, having never visited the country prior. After graduating, he lived in Costa Rica for a year to play professional soccer. He further made his way to New Orleans and has lived here for almost 10 years now.  

Reece began his career at Turn Services as a Business Analyst in 2015. He has since held multiple roles across both Associated Terminals and Turn Services before being promoted to General Manager.  

Reece explains that he has always been “willing to say yes and dive right into a new challenge. Looking back on that specifically, I have been allowed to maintain curiosity and vulnerability throughout all those roles, which has created the opportunity for growth to which I am constantly grateful for.”  

Outside of work, you can typically find Reece spending time with his three children and attending their many activities outside of school. In his free time Reece enjoys soccer, golf, reading, and painting. Something you might not know about Reece is that he is fluent in Spanish!  

When reflecting on highlights of his career, Reece recalls someone coining the term “the best British guy in the barge industry,” which he “thought of as a compliment, until I realized I may have been the only one at the time!”  

We are proud of all our team members and take pride in their endeavors. We applaud Reece for his continued efforts and leadership, and for receiving this well-deserved appointed position. Congrats Reece! 

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