At Associated Terminals, one of our core values is “People.” That is, caring for and enjoying the
company of every single one of our team members. And at Associated Terminals, we treat your
family like our family! Therefore, we love planning exciting days of fun for you and your family
to enjoy your time together at.

On October 7th, Associated Terminals and Turn Services experienced a heartwarming day filled
with fun, family, and friends at our annual Family Zoo Day at the Audobon Zoo.
The atmosphere was brimming with excitement as families gathered to partake in a day of fun
and camaraderie. The event ran perfectly, having a break of the intense heat giving us some
lovely mid 70s weather. Under the warm sun, team members and their children engaged in many

The Zoo’s exhibits were an amazing site to see, with tons of animals to observe. Some fan
favorites at the Zoo included the Wildebeests, Western Lowland Gorillas, Gazelles, Spider
Monkeys, Malayan Tigers, Amur Leopards—and of course, the beautiful Asian Elephants and
African Lions, otherwise known as the “Kings of the Jungle.”
Arts and crafts stations were set up, where imaginative creations took shape under the eager
hands of budding young artists. One of the most anticipated highlights of the day was the face
painting booth.

As midday approached, our team members were treated to a scrumptious lunch buffet. The
Family Zoo Day at the Audubon Zoo was not merely a day of entertainment but also a
celebration of the tight-knit community that is Associated Terminals and Turn Services.
“While Associated Terminals and Turn Services hosts lots of great events, I have to admit that
our Family Zoo Day is my favorite,” said Creative Director Art Yves, “It’s something we do
that’s out of the ordinary, I’ve never talked to anyone else who’s been taken to the zoo with their
company—or end up having so much fun at a work event!”
We are so happy this has become a continued tradition and one of our cannot miss events! We
cannot wait for next year!

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