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As an industry leader in safety, Associated Terminals is committed to conducting operations in a manner that ensures the well-being of its people, minimizes impact on the environment and reduces exposure and risks to physical assets.

The focus of our safety program is driven by ensuring that all employees are trained for the specific tasks they perform. To that end, we offer an extensive training program that goes beyond standard training practices as well as a Safety Management System and a comprehensive HSE Policy to which all employees must adhere. In addition, we have instituted Stop Work Authority that allows any employee to stop operations in the event that unsafe working conditions are detected.

When it comes to safety, Associated Terminals is very proactive. We conduct regular audits to identify and correct potential problems. In addition, we have developed a comprehensive safety manual, conduct regular maintenance on all equipment to ensure safe operation and require all employees to undergo drug screenings.  With one of the most comprehensive Health, Safety and Environmental programs in the industry, Associated Terminals has made a strong commitment to making safety a top priority throughout our entire company each and every day

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