Our Locations

With fourteen midstream river anchorage facilities on the Lower Mississippi River, plus additional dockside and on-site locations, we offer shippers customized transloading options in handling virtually all dry bulk commodities.

From our deep draft berthing locations to our diverse range of cargo handling options, ample covered warehousing space, outside storage and much more-we have the facilities and resources to handle our customers’ unique needs safely and efficiently.


Convent is the location of Associated Terminals’ headquarters and technology center as well as a premier site for midstream operations. Our company operates three buoy sets at mile 158 AHP.

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Myrtle Grove Midstream Terminal

Associated Terminals owns and operates the Myrtle Grove Midstream Terminal, a midstream grain transfer facility located in Myrtle Grove, Louisiana at mile marker 56 on the Lower Mississippi River. The terminal offers vessels the advantage of providing the shortest transit time from the Gulf of Mexico. This facility offers direct barge-to-vessel transfers of all heavy grains and feeds with blending, sampling, and weighing capabilities, as well as an on-site lab for cargo certifications.

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Port of St. Bernard

The Port of St. Bernard is a full-service marine terminal strategically located five miles downriver from New Orleans between mileposts 83.5 and 90.5 AHP operated by Associated Terminals. Our ideal location, deep draft berths, storage capacities and intermodal facilities allow us to handle any type of bulk, break-bulk or project cargo.

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Globalplex Intermodal Terminal is a 335-acre maritime industrial park owned by the Port of South Louisiana and operated by Associated Terminals. Strategically located at mile posts 138.5 and 138.6 AHP in Reserve, Louisiana, the facility features deep draft bulk and general cargo docks designed for highly efficient dockside transfers between ship, barge, truck and/or on-dock laydown and staging areas. The terminal offers extensive warehousing, open hard pad, bulk domes and green space. In addition, the facility offers easy rail access for transportation of cargoes by train.

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New Orleans Bulk Terminal

Associated Terminals owns and operates the Associated Terminals New Orleans Bulk Terminal located at mile marker 15. The location offers a range of bulk transfer solutions to meet our customer’s needs. Whether our customers need open pad storage or are transferring barge-to-rail, rail-to-barge, barge-to-truck, barge-to-container or bagging services, we have got it handled. New Orleans Bulk Terminal is capable of loading unit trains utilizing our secured rail system.

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Port Allen

Associated Terminals owns and operates an intermodal terminal in the Greater Baton Rouge area located on the Intracoastal Canal at mile 229 AHP. With more than 60,000 square feet of warehouse storage and 355,000 square feet of outside storage, our capabilities include the loading of bulk cargoes to or from trucks via hopper or conveyor directly to or from barges.

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