Terminal Port Operations

Associated Terminals has the capabilities, resources and personnel to increase volume, improve efficiency and attract new customers to port operations.

Our company exclusively operates several port facilities with long-term leases. We are the exclusive operators of the St. Bernard Port Harbor and Terminal District’s marine facilities and of the Port of South Louisiana’s Globalplex Intermodal Terminal.

From bulk to break-bulk, containerized cargoes and heavy lifts – we are equipped to handle virtually anything. In addition, we offer ancillary services including covered and uncovered storage, bagging capabilities and screening/processing services.

We provide a vital service to public ports by instituting best practices in port operations while also improving the quality and range of services offered – as well as emphasizing safety and environmental responsibility.

Our scope of cargo handling solutions includes everything from transloading to warehousing a wide variety of cargos involving oceangoing vessels, barges, track or rail. Within and adjacent to our terminals, green space is available for the construction of manufacturing facilities. Our company can provide loading and unloading services as well as cargo logistical solutions within the manufacturing facilities.