We are dedicated to providing our team members with all the resources needed to do their job safely as well as helping them to grow in their career.

Through comprehensive training that focuses on workforce development, safety, and job-specific skills, we facilitate an environment that encourages our teammates to achieve their highest potential.

Training at Associated Terminals is specifically tailored to each position within each division. We approach training with the philosophy that a skilled team is our biggest asset and allows us to accomplish anything. We provide opportunities to learn new skills and improve job performance while maintaining safety as a constant focus. By using a variety of learning solutions, including computer-based training, traditional instructor-led training, and on-the-job training, we are able to foster a safer and more productive culture. 

We are committed to developing our team members through measured training programs provided to all land-based and midstream employees. Opportunities include First Aid, CPR, and AED Training, equipment certifications, Confined Space Training, Fall Protection Training, Inland Water Survival and many more. As team members advance through their careers, we provide them with workforce development opportunities in areas such as leadership, communication, delegation, and many others, ensuring they are given every opportunity to succeed.


Compliance success is achieved through the unwavering commitment across all departments to ensure that safety is the top priority.

Associated Terminals strives to focus on ensuring that we meet and exceed all compliance requirements while simultaneously addressing the complex demands placed on the Operations personnel every hour of every day. The team tasked with ensuring that compliance requirements are met has an important role, but their success is driven by the continued support of every Associated Terminals employee. 

Associated Terminals uses a robust safety management system to ensure we meet and exceed our regulatory compliance requirements. This system was built from the ground up, and continues to evolve with changes and updates in safety and compliance. The safety team consistently audits this system to evaluate its effectiveness and to identify areas for potential improvement. This fosters continuous improvement of our safety and regulatory compliance programs. Additionally, every Associated Terminals facility is routinely audited to ensure that safety guidelines and regulatory compliance requirements are actively and appropriately followed.

Environmental Stewardship

We believe it is the responsibility of our team members and our operations to comply with environmental laws and regulations and continually improve our environmental and resource management.

Our team members recognize our responsibility to the communities that we work with to keep our waterways clean and pollution-free. We want to leave a positive footprint in our environment, improving the lives of our team and their families that live on the other side of the levee. We keep this promise to them by making sure we manage our environmental impact at all times.