Port of South Louisiana / Globalplex

Our Globalplex Intermodal Terminal is located at the Port of South Louisiana – the largest tonnage port in the western hemisphere.

As the exclusive operators of Globalplex, Associated Terminals provides customers with experienced personnel, high quality equipment and a wide range of cargo solutions including the handling and storage of bulk, break-bulk and containerized cargoes – as well as heavy lifts.

Strategically located at mile posts 138.5 and 138.6 A.H.P. in Reserve, Louisiana, the facility features deep draft bulk and general cargo docks designed for highly efficient dockside transfers between ship, barge, truck and/or on-dock laydown and staging areas. The 138.5 A.H.P. location features a finger pier and a multipurpose dock that allows us to work deep-draft vessels and barges that may be positioned and loaded directly from a vessel on the back side of the finger pier. Two state-of-the-art Konecrane gantry cranes perform operations on the dock and pier.

The terminal offers 360,000 square feet of warehouse space, 690,000 square feet of open hard pad storage space, bulk domes and 130,000 square feet of green space. In addition, the facility offers easy rail access for transportation of cargoes by train.  With extensive open laydown space and warehouse space available for expansion, we can work closely with our customers to develop a customized cargo movement solution.

As with all Associated Terminals operations, we also make safety and environmental responsibility a top priority. By providing safe, efficient and effective cargo handling solutions, we bring the best possible service to our customers every day.