Myrtle Grove / MGMT

As with all Associated Terminal facilities, we emphasize safety and environmental responsibility at the MGMT as a key part of our everyday operations.

Associated Terminals operates the Myrtle Grove Midstream Terminal – a floating grain elevator specializing in the transfer of grain and grain byproducts between barges and ocean vessels. Located at mile post 56.8 A.H.P. on the Lower Mississippi River, this terminal offers vessels the advantage of providing the shortest transit time from the Gulf of Mexico.

Barge discharging is performed with a Heyl Patterson barge unloader similar to land-based grain elevators – but specifically designed for midstream operations. A state-of-the-art computer system coordinates customer load requirement – while two FGIS certified scales provide accurate weights. In addition, our conveying systems utilize closed conveyors directly from barge to vessel and incorporate two separate certified scales and blend tanks to support cargo blending operations.

Two FGIS certified samplers also provide automatic sampling to facilitate easy monitoring of the loading process. A shore based FGIS lab for grading is located adjacent to the terminal for the convenience of our customers.

Add to that our highly qualified personnel, and it’s plain to see that the Myrtle Grove Midstream Terminal is the ideal facility for the export of grain and grain byproduct cargos.

Finally, two additional midstream systems are located in the vicinity of Myrtle Grove between mile markers 56 and 58 A.H.P.