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Since our founding in 1990, we at Associated Terminals have always had “The Ability and Attitude to Accomplish Anything.” Our dedicated team members, strategic locations and industry-leading equipment are unmatched. Our commitment is to you.

Any cargo. Any time.

34 Years of History

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AT & TS // 30 Years of History

Whether it is along the U.S. Gulf and beyond, we examine the needs of our customers and bring our scope of services where there is a demand.

Associated Terminals is the leading stevedore and terminal operator on the Lower Mississippi River. We handle cargos that feed and power the world, and we’re proud of it.

At Associated Terminals, with our team of hardworking maritime professionals both on the river and shoreside, we’re committed to being the most efficient, safe, innovative and reliable cargo handler in the world. That pursuit is the essence of our motto, “The Ability and Attitude to Accomplish Anything.”

Our Strategy, Our History,
Our Future

Strategic Principles

Our company cares about our people and believes that everyone should be treated with respect, kindness and dignity. It is this approach that has enabled us to attract and retain people who like people, and who have high aspirations that drive them to excel. By placing integrity and respect first, we have developed a highly skilled team who are proud to belong and who are loyal to each other and to our customers.

Strategic Foundations

Hard work and partnerships have always been part of the DNA of Associated Terminals. The company was founded in 1990 by David Fennelly and Dan Barker, a veteran of the barge industry. Fennelly and Barker started the company as a stevedoring brokerage firm connecting shippers to terminals and stevedores, thus the name
Associated Terminals.

Why is the maritime industry so important?
What is a stevedore?
What makes Louisiana a critical location for this industry in the United States?

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Strategic Growth

By the mid-1990s, Associated Terminals began owning and operating its own cranes. In 1997, the company made its first major acquisition, two Manitowoc 4600 cranes. About a year later, Gary Poirrier, Fennelly’s commercial lender, joined the company as Chief Financial Officer. Poirrier now serves as chairman and co-owner of Associated Terminals and Turn Services. Todd Fuller also joined the duo the same year, and now serves as President of Associated Terminals and co-owner.

Strategic Innovation

The company continued to grow its fleet of barge-mounted cranes and its area of operation. In early 2007, Associated Terminals made what would become a company-defining equipment acquisition when it bought a new high-capacity, floating Gottwald crane. The company now has a fleet of 15 Gottwald cranes, six of which came from St. James Stevedoring, a Convent, Louisiana-based stevedore Associated Terminals acquired in 2015.

Strategic Locations

Today, Associated Terminals’ areas of operation dot the entire Mississippi River below Baton Rouge.

Our operations include midstream bouys along the river, a barge terminal at Port Allen, a location on the Michoud Canal, operations at the Port of South Louisiana’s Globalplex Intermodal Terminal and the Port of St. Bernard and the company’s midstream grain elevator at Myrtle Grove. Associated Terminals handles between 25 million and 30 million tons of bulk and project cargoes per year.

Strategic Partnerships

Associated Terminals offers its customers superior efficiency through its partnership with Turn Services, a New Orleans-based fleeting and diversified towing company. Associated Terminals acquired Turn Services in 2004, and the company has served as the primary fleeting and shifting provider for Associated Terminals ever since.

The company also achieves its safety and efficiency goals through innovation and is developing remote-control technology to enhance crew safety.

Strategic Community Involvement

Associated Terminals is more than just a stevedore and terminal operator. We’re also a part of the communities where we work and live. Each year, we give back through scholarships, community service, and partnerships with organizations like United Way, Raphael Village, New Heights Therapeutic Riding Center, ArcGNO, RiverWorks Discovery and Volunteers of America.

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Mission, Core Values & Vision


To expeditiously meet our customers’ waterborne transportation needs while continuously striving to be a leader in safety and environmental stewardship.

This mission is reflected in our motto:


Associated Terminals will be the premier cargo handling and terminal operator providing best-in-class logistical solutions safely delivered by our expert personnel.

Our Core Values

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