Akesha has been a rising star ever since she joined our IT department. As a network support technician, she plays a vital role in ensuring our operations run smoothly across the board.

“I remember watching a program, many years back, that stated how influential computers would be. The key takeaway was how IT work could provide me with job security for the foreseeable future.” Akesha stated, “I decided to give it a shot, I broke some computers down, familiarized myself with them, and I realized how much I enjoyed it. Which led me down the Network Design aspect of IT.”

“I have my son to thank for kickstarting my career on the river. My son loves being on the water. Whether it’s on a boat or the ferry, he can’t get enough of boats. So we made it a habit to go on boat rides.” Akesha said, “We would see so much cargo activity during our trips, and his curious mind wanted to know what was going. We were both intrigued, and I quickly realized how vital the river transportation ecosystem is to the world as a whole.”

“Soon after, I found myself searching for IT careers on the river. As soon as I saw a job opening at Associated Terminals, I jumped on it! I was amazed at how high-tech the river industry truly was. Even though it is a large company, the family-focused environment shines through. Working at Associated has been no disappointment.”

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