Just spend a few minutes with Bentrell and you will quickly realize that he is incredibly sharp and talented! Bentrell attended Jackson State University on a track scholarship and graduated with a degree in Mathematics. After graduating, Bentrell continued his education pursuing a Master’s in Mathematics. As Bentrell begin to explore the job market he came across Associated Terminals and submitted an application. In April of 2017, Bentrell accepted a job offer and began his career with Associated Terminals.

Bentrell started his journey on the river as a deckhand and quickly started being known for his exceptional work ethic in the operations. As a deckhand, the progression of responsibilities lead Bentrell to learn how to run mobile equipment. At the time, remote equipment was being prototyped in the operations but was still very much in the developmental stages. Bentrell had expressed an interest in a shoreside job opening in the company (unrelated to remote operations), and it was through the interviewing process that Bentrell’s math aptitude coupled with the established creditability of his fieldwork ethic came into light and his involvement with the ROV project began.  

Fast forward 2 years later, Bentrell has distinguished himself and become recognized in the mobile equipment industry as one of the foremost proficient remote operators of loaders and excavators in the world. He has become an integral part of the success of the refinement of the remote initiative. Not only is he involved with the operation of the equipment, but is also active in the installation of necessary infrastructure, creation of instructional manuals, training of operators and overall scaling effort of the project within Associated Terminal.

Bentrell is the epitome of our ASSOCIATED STRONG initiative, and we are grateful to have Bentrell as part of our Associated team!

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