At about 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 2nd, our team members valiantly initiated safety procedures that saved a man’s life.  

When cruising about the Meraux fleet, a person overboard distress call was broadcast throughout the Meraux fleet area. The Turn Services boat, the St. Charles, arrived at the area to see the unknown man floating in the river in the direction of Associated Terminals’ Talley Perez crane barge.  

Quickly and calmy, the St. Charles captain Hunter Spiehler was able to assist the man by perfectly maneuvering his vessel around the man and utilizing his on-board rescue equipment to secure the man safely alongside his boat.  

Next, Captain Hunter Spiehler maneuvered the boat towards the hopper barge alongside the Talley Perez. Crew members stood by waiting to assist with the recovery effort. The Associated Terminals team members —Talley Perez’s Production Manager Eric Thigpen, Romond Carroll, Cesar Caballero, and Gary Landry—aboard the Talley Perez heard the distress signal and were quick to help.  With rescue efforts already underway, the crew was able to provide assistance in pulling the man from the river onto the hopper barge.  

The individual in the water is unknown. He was not wearing a life jacket and was extremely fatigued. While we do not know this person’s story, we know that the risks could have cost him his life. Our highly skilled team members, amped with their training and safety knowledge, were efficient and calm in using their rescue equipment to do all they could.  

As safety is our priority, our team members were prepared to take the correct actions to not just help another individual but have potentially saved a life. We are proud of our team for looking out for not just their team but the overall community. 

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