To the Associated Terminals and Turn Services team,

Through my tenure at Turn Services and Associated Terminals, not only have I grown exponentially in the professional realm, but this internship has ended up being one of the reasons it has been so hard to leave New Orleans. While working under Dawn Lopez, our VP of Marketing and Public Relations, and Art Yves, our Creative Director, I had learned not just about an exciting world of international trade and water commerce but had come to learn what my own skills brought to the workplace. I was able to take on new projects like returning our newsletters, writing blog posts for our website, making my social media campaigns, assisting in managing our scholarship programs, and developing new initiatives like our March Madness bracket challenge.

One of my favorite moments from this internship was working with the President of the University of Louisiana System and discussing their initiative of creating Louisiana’s first maritime academy with him. Through the confidence I had found at this job, I was able to push the boundaries of what I was capable of professionally, as I grew into the role of a sports reporter for the New Orleans Pelicans, which was another dream come true. This past May, I graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a minor in Business and Psychology.

The realm of maritime surprised me not just with how lucrative the business is but also with how vital it is to the economy and with how it uplifts people and provides such life-changing careers. I can proudly say I have firsthand experienced how the maritime industry, through its nurturing environment and mentorship opportunities, cultivates individuals to become adept professionals, driving innovation and sustainability within the industry. I would like to thank every member of the team as they have so kindly welcomed me, helped me along the way, and prepared me for what is to come.

Having grown up in the greater New York and New Jersey area before moving to South Florida, it has always been a dream of mine to make it big in New York City. I have just begun my first job at KWT Global, a Marketing and Public Relations firm in the One World Trade Center, and am transitioning into the working world. While I will miss Tulane University, Turn Services, and Associated Terminals, I will always hold both close to heart as I know I would not be where I am today without such experiences!

Bon Voyage!

Katie Lowe

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