At Associated Terminals, we make it a priority to celebrate the driving force of our success—our wonderful team members! Today, we are congratulating Manuel B. Rendell as he has recently hit his ten-year anniversary with Associated.

Coming from a family of fishermen and mechanics, Manuel found himself drawn to a career working on the river. Outside of work, he describes himself as a family man—as he enjoys spending quality time with his two children and playing golf.

Manuel, born and raised in St. Bernard Parish, got his start in the maritime industry back in 2012, working on crew boats. While he had always worked on the river, in 2014, he was on the hunt for something a little different. When the offer to work at Associated Terminals came along, he seized the opportunity and has since created a remarkable career with us.

Manuel began working as a Warehouse PM Clerk in maintenance and moved up quickly to a regular mechanic. Furthermore, he became a Rig Maintenance Specialist, then an RTS. Most recently, he has been promoted to the Maintenance Manager of the South Fleet. That said, Manuel’s journey has been fueled by ambition and development. In fact, when asked what the standout moments of his career have looked like from the past decade, he responded with the progression of his role.

On a daily basis, Manuel describes his responsibilities as communicating efficiently with operations and maintenance, ensuring everything is running smoothly. He checks in to make sure everything is orderly, which involves a lot of coordination.

Reflecting on his career thus far, Manuel attributes much of his growth to many leaders here at Associated. One person he pays thanks to is former Corporate Maintenance Manager Dan Fredricks, who was ‘his mentor over the years leading into his retirement.’

While Manuel admits that, “sometimes things aren’t easy, especially when starting out…but you learn to adapt and persevere.” In addition to this sentiment, perseverance is one of Manuel’s most noteworthy values, as he describes his favorite part of his career is “accomplishing things that people think can’t be done. Figuring out those issues and working with my team members makes this job what it is,” said Manuel.

Reflecting on the past ten years of success working with Associated, Manuel gives his best advice to new hires in the industry— “with every job you take, you may not be 100% ready, as I felt at the beginning of my career, but taking a leap of faith to believe in yourself is worth it.”

We extend our most sincere congratulations to you, Manuel! All of your hard work and dedication are appreciated, and we look forward to more shared success in the coming years!

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