At Associated Terminals and Turn Services, our number one priority is safety. We employ safety measures, training, and campaigns that all contribute to our goal of zero injuries on the job. We recognized that slip, trip, and fall injuries are some of the most common types of injuries in the workplace, especially when working the river where we are exposed to hazards daily. Therefore, our safety specialists want to remind the Associated Terminals team to Focus on your Feet in order to maintain the prevention of trip, slip, and fall injuries. Our safety campaign, Focus on Your Feet, reminds team members to always pay attention to their movements and to take ownership of identifying and correcting hazards in the workplace.  

With the nature of work on the river, surfaces can often be hard and flat, slippery and uneven, or many other variations. On a typical workday, tasks can involve a parking lot of loose rocks, a walk down gangways for docks, boat decks moving with the waves of the water, vessel platforms varying at all heights—all with the possibility to have loose debris or obstructions. There are such a variety of different levels, barriers, gunwales, ladders, stairs, and more that all have the potential to cause harm while working. Even a freshly vacuumed carpet in an office can become a hazard if the cord from the vacuum is left stretched out across the floor! 

Regardless of the location or incident, you should always Focus on Your Feet to prevent slip, trip, and fall injuries. The following tips are some of the best ways to Focus on Your Feet: 

Together we can reduce slip, trip, and fall related injuries. If you focus on your feet and correct hazards along the way, you will make the workplace safer for you and your teammates.  

Do you have an idea or suggestion that would make the workplace safer and to help in the prevention of slip, trip, and fall injuries? Submit your idea to or  If your idea results in improving workplace safety related to slip, trip, and fall prevention you may be eligible to receive points for the Company store.

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