In the world of maritime commerce, there are individuals whose unwavering commitment and dedication leave an indelible mark on the industry. Among these remarkable figures stands Frankie Walker, a prominent leader at Associated Terminals whose remarkable career spanning has been a testament to passion, perseverance, and unwavering dedication. Read all about Frankie’s career, his lasting impact on Associated Terminals, and his colleagues as we congratulate him on his well-deserved retirement!

Frankie Walker, who served as Associated Terminals’ Vice President of Operations for the past decade, reflects today on a career “filled with highs and lows,” he shares. Frankie described how despite whatever challenges or successes were thrown their way, the team has consistently pulled together and stuck to their roots to do their best work.

Just before joining Associated Terminals, Frankie recalls one of the most thrilling or exciting moments in his career was when he found out the company he worked for prior was being bought by David Fennelly. He explains that he and the 18 other employees were experiencing a period of uncertainty, but the news of Fennelly buying their company brought out a much-needed buzz of excitement for them. He explained that this was one of the reasons he and his other team members were so passionate and dedicated to seeing Associated Terminals thrive.

Throughout his many years with us, Frankie can look back on many fond memories with Associated, from getting the “F. Walker” crane named in his honor, to being able to meet people from almost every country in the world.

Frankie shares that what he has always recognized as the driving force of Associated’s success is the passion the people of Associated work with—being one of his many valued lessons learned from his career. He shares that this has been instrumental to the team’s spirit, “even when we were a tiny company. Everyone from the deckhands to the owners have always had that passion.”

“From the day I started out with just a shovel, to the day I walked out the door, it has been a learning process, and overall, a great ride,” said Frankie.

Departing from maritime, Frankie shares that his most valuable advice for new hires is that “if you’re dedicated and work hard, good things will happen!”

While Frankie will greatly “miss [his] family at Associated Terminals,” he looks forward to retirement. He shares his plans to hit the road and travel with his wife, spend time with his beautiful grandbaby Katherine Louise, and play lots of golf!

As Frankie closes the page on this chapter, his impact and presence will always be felt by those working at Associated Terminals for decades to come.

Gary Poirrier, Chairman of Associated Terminals, extends his heartfelt wishes to Frankie Walker; “After 27 years of unwavering, dedicated service to Associated Terminals and all of its employees, wishing Frankie Walker the absolute best in his retirement years! Associated Terminals would not be the same today without Frankie’s leadership and mentorship of so many team members throughout the years.”

Todd Fuller, President of Associated Terminals, expresses deep gratitude to Frankie for his exceptional influence on the organization; “Frankie has had one of the greatest impacts on our organization through this leadership and mentorship of hundreds in our organization! I cannot thank Frankie enough for all of his tireless hard work to make this team a success it is today, but most of all his friendship through all these years.”

Operations manager Forrest Russell explains how Frankie is always looking out for his guys and ways to benefit the team overall. “He always worked for the best interests of the company. When he was promoted, nobody was more deserving than him. He does an excellent job, is great with decision making, and is an overall great guy to work with,” said Forrest.

Zeljko Franks, our Senior VP of Operations, explained how Frankie has been instrumental in growing the company operationally, as he has been a leader since the beginning.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without him,” says Zeljko.

Operations Manager Jason Perez pays special homage to Frankie as he had worked with him for over 27 years. Jason describes Frankie as not just a mentor, but someone who always had his back.

Jason further describes the ways he looks up to Frankie as a leader, who sets high expectations and accountability for his team.

“Frankie was fair but tough—he had zero tolerance for anything less than 100% effort. Because of that, he brought out the best in all of us. We felt that he fully supported and believed in us, and that is why we strove for excellence,” said Jason.

Frankie was a great manager, but he was even a better Man. He will be missed by all of us, and I certainly hope that he has a much-deserved long, fun-filled retirement. It has been one heck of a ride Boss! Thanks for allowing me to ride along with you,” said Jason.

Frankie—we admire the decades of hard work, dedication, leadership, and passion you have given to Associated Terminals. Your spirit and impact have been monumental. From the whole team, thank you for everything and we wish you the absolute best with your retirement!

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