Kendall Coste: A Carol Ballard Graduate!

Associated Terminals isn’t just a company, it’s a family. That said, we put in the extra work to support our team members and their families. This is why we created the Carol Ballard Scholarship program, which supports dependents of our team members as they embark on their college journey.

Achieving the Carol Ballard Scholarship includes an application process and acceptance based on merit. Over the years, we are so proud to support these young adults on their educational journey.

As the Carol Ballard Scholarship application process wraps up for the upcoming academic year, we wanted to spotlight a student and graduate-to- be this spring, who has been awarded this scholarship every year at Louisiana State University: Kendall Coste! Through her college career, she has been able to achieve her dream of being accepted to Veterinary school.

Growing up, Kendall’s love for animals was undeniable. From spending countless hours with her sister’s veterinarian husband to nurturing a passion for animal care, Kendall’s path was clear from an early age. “I kind of just knew I wanted to be a veterinarian since I can remember,” she recalls. “God works in mysterious ways, and it just so happened my sister actually married a veterinarian, and ever since, I have just fallen more in love with the thought of being one!”

Choosing Animal Sciences as her major at LSU was a natural progression for Kendall. She immersed herself in campus life, balancing academics with extracurricular activities like being a part of the LSU poultry judging team. Kendall found joy in the little moments, cherishing time with friends and family, and making the most of her college experience. “Enjoy the little things, because before you know it, you’ll be graduating,” she advises.

Reflecting on her time at LSU, Kendall acknowledges the profound impact it has had on her both personally and professionally. “LSU is a very agricultural-focused school, so I have a lot of opportunities to pursue my career path,” she explains. “I’ve met so many new people who are just some of the best people I know, and have created so many great opportunities for myself being here.”

Despite not being a member of the Associated Terminals team herself, Kendall is quick to express her gratitude for the company’s unwavering support. “Associated Terminals has definitely been so supportive and so helpful towards my family and me,” she shares. “My dad always tells me how excited everyone is over there for me and my accomplishments, and it makes my heart so happy.”

As Kendall prepares to embark on the next chapter of her journey as a first-year veterinary student, she offers sage advice to students with dreams of attending college or pursuing their dream careers. “Keep going, because the world is not going to end!” she urges. “I promise if you work hard, you will end up where you belong.”

Kendall’s story serves as a reminder of the profound impact that support and encouragement can have on an individual’s journey. Through her dedication and perseverance, she exemplifies the spirit of resilience and determination that defines the Associated Terminals family! As Kendall sets sail towards her dreams, she does so with the unwavering support of a company that believes in her every step of the way.

“I’m very fortunate to work for a company that helps out in such a huge way. It is amazing how Associated Terminals was kind enough to help us out with Kendall’s education. Not only is she on a path to achieve her dreams, but she has done an amazing job on her journey doing so, I couldn’t be more proud of her,” said Bubba Coste, Kendall’s father.

“It has truly been a blessing to receive this support from Associated Terminals, and without it I don’t think I could say I’d be where I am today,” shares Kendall.

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