At Associated Terminals, we have a tradition of naming our cranes after valued team members who have been instrumental to the success of our organization and exemplify our motto “the ability and attitude to accomplish anything.” In commemoration of this time-honored tradition, we have chosen to name three of our in-service Gottwald cranes after Senior Vice President of Accounting Ann Thibodeaux, Logistics Manager Yvonne Stein, and Vice President of Operations Jerry Ryan.  

Following the design of our other Attitude-class crane barges, these new custom-built barges are specifically designed to be the safest and most efficient platforms from which we conduct shipside operations on inland waterways. Measuring 72’ x 250’ x 12’ and having a fifty-year lifespan, the barges feature ample storage to support our operations, crew quarters, six tanks for fuel, oil and water, access stairwells on all four sides and winch systems to move up and down the ship.